What Can You Do to Protect Essential Fish Habitat?

Atlantic triton's trumpet (Charonia variegaza) nestled in a coral reef habitat in southwest Puerto Rico. (Photo by Andrew Bruckner)

The public can play many roles in fishery management. To become involved in the amendment process you can do the following:

Contact your Regional Fishery Management Council to obtain a meeting schedule for upcoming public hearings, updates, and events at www.noaa.gov/nmfs

Attend Council meetings and provide written and oral conunents.

Subscribe to your Council's newsletter for up-to-date information on fishery management and public meetings.

Provide new Essential Fish Habitat information to NOAA Fisheries and Regional Management Councils.

In addition, we can all be better stewards by participating in fish habitat conservation to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries. Citizens can assume a more proactive role in the decision-making process of Federal agency activities that may adversely affect Essential Fish Habitat by:

Being aware of proposed actions likely to adversely affect fishery resources.

Participating in public processes that provide an opportunity for comment.

Monitoring outcomes of management decisions.

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