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NOAA Fisheries Strategic Plan

The World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WCMC maintains a large and varied collection of databases concerning nature conservation, developed in collaboration with a range of partners. It is beginning the process of making this information available through the Internet with this collection of links. We recommend browsing through this area.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne Excellent search tool for marine science and environmental studies

NOAA Fisheries Headquarters
1315 East-West Highway SSMC3
Silver Spring , MD 20910

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

StreamNet is a cooperative venture of the Pacific Northwest's fish and wildlife agencies and tribes. We provide data and data services in support of the region's Fish and Wildlife Program and other efforts to preserve and restore the region's aquatic resources.

The PSMFC Regional Mark Information System (RMIS) houses information pertaining to the mark, release, and catch of Pacific salmonids throughout the Pacific region involving the Coded Wire Tag (CWT) marking project.


The Pacfic Coast Fisheries Information Network (PacFIN)
PacFIN is the nation's first regional fisheries data network. It provides information which enables agencies and industries to track commercial fish catches by area, and to manage and plan more effectively.

Pacific States Marine Recreational Fisheries Monitoring

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE)
Facilitating the formulation of goals, policies and objectives and providing advice and management for educational and research programs and facilities in oceanography and related fields is paramount.

Aquarium Information on the Internet school of fisheries - fishline newsletter

The Northwest Fisheries Science Center One of five research centers of NOAA Fisheries
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