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Our Living Oceans Annual Report

The living marine resources of the United States are an extremely valuable heritage. This report provides a broad overview of the large body of technical information, which supports the development and implementation of Fisheries Management Plans.

The report contains a national overview of our living ocean heritage, a brief discussion of scientific principles and terms, region by region resource summaries, an overview of issues of national concern affecting all regions, and a discussion of progress, and reviews in greater detail the status of regional LMR's in 24 separate units. These unit synopses describe species and/or species groups linked geographically, ecologically, and by characteristics of harvesting operations.

  • Introduction

  • Issues of National Concern

  • National Overview

  • Preface

  • Scientific Principles and Terms

  • Spotlight: Atlantic Striped Bass

  • Northeast Demersal Fisheries

  • Northeast Pelagic Fisheries

  • Atlantic Anadromous Fisheries

  • Northeast Invertebrate Fisheries

  • Atlantic Highly Migratory Pelagic Fisheries

  • Atlantic Shark Fisheries

  • Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico Coastal Migratory Pelagic Fisheries

  • Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean Reef Fish Fisheries

  • Southeast Drum and Croaker Fisheries

  • Southeast Caribbean Invertebrate Fisheries

  • Pacific Coast Salmon Fisheries

  • Alaska Salmon Fisheries

  • Pacific Coast and Alaska Pelagic Fisheries

  • Pacific Coast Groundfish Fisheries

  • Western Pacific Invertebrate Fisheries

  • Western Pacific Bottomfish and Armorhead Fisheries

  • Pacific Highly Migratory Pelagic Fisheries

  • Alaska Groundfish Fisheries

  • Alaska Shellfish Fisheries

  • Nearshore Fisheries

  • Atlantic Marine Mammals

  • Pacific Marine Mammals

  • Sea Turtles