Dear reader,

Our oceans, coastal regions, streams, lakes and rivers offer a wonderful environment to appreciate the marvelous diversity of marine life. These waters are habitats for hundreds of species of fish. Whether we enjoy them through snorkeling, fishing or dining, we all have a stake in the future of this natural resource.

However, our nation's fish habitats are in trouble. Pollution, dredging, farming and other human activities have altered this marine home, leaving many species without a place to feed, spawn or take shelter. As a result, our nation, along with many others, has experienced a serious decline in fish populations. As these trends escalate, the diversity of marine life is dwindling, too.

Government agencies are working to conserve fish habitat to protect these valuable species. However, we all play a role in fish habitat degradation. Therefore, American Oceans Campaign, in collaboration with the American Fisheries Society and the National Marine Fisheries Service, hopes to raise public awareness of the importance of fish habitat protection.

Please browse through our Web Site to learn more about fish habitat and efforts to conserve these delicate ecosystems. This database of information contains a wide range of contacts and materials from scientific journals to CD-ROMS. By further educating yourself on the significance of fish habitat you can help Turn The Tide for future generations.


Ted Danson
President, American Oceans Campaign
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